We are a Montessori pre-school in Umtentweni (approximately km from Port Shepstone) in beautiful surroundings with plenty of trees for natural shade. We have a lovely team of teachers and assistants who are really great with the little ones. Inside thelassrooms we have imported Montessori materials and other learning tools. These are enjoyable activities that keep the kids very busy and  stimulated.

Don't mistake the Montessori concept as just work and no play, because the materials we use allow the child to learn in a fun and enjoyable way.  

Outside we have a playground filled with jungle gyms, bike track, vegetable garden, animal pen, water trays, etc...

Call Taralyn Fuhri on:

Office No.: (039) 695 1111

Cell No.: 072 481 6619 

Email: admin@smartiepants.co.za